Milliken & Co. (Spartanburg, S.C.; www. millikenchemical.com) has optimized its core clarifying technology for polypropylene (PP) resin to raise the clarity level to compete with that of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polystyrene (PS) and polycarbonate (PC). The optimized technology allows the use of PP in food packaging and other applications where PP has not been used previously, because of haziness in the finished polymer.

“Milliken has been able to extend the technology behind its soluble, nonitol-based Millad NX 8000 additive to enable never-before-seen clarity and aesthetics,” says Herrin Hood, global product line manager for Milliken’s Millad NX clarifying additives. “In doing that, we have allowed users to access all of the benefits of PP in products that require the highest degree of clarity.”

The advantages of UltraClear PP include better recyclability, heat-resistance and seal-ability than alternative polymers, such as polystyrene and PET. Also PP has a lower density, which allows the use of less plastic (with subsequent weight and energy savings) for the same performance, explains Emily Blair, Milliken’s business development manager.

In addition to food packaging applications, where clarity of the package is a primary goal, the advanced clarifying technology is being used in medical and pharmaceutical applications, as well as food storage containers and others items, Blair says.

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