French law strengthens bioplastics market

FRANCE • The French parliament adopted the law on energy transition and green growth in July 2015. European Bioplastics (EUBP) welcomes the opportunities created by the new law to introduce bio-based, compostable plastics to selected types of packaging as well as fruit and vegetable bags.

Bioplastic lightweight bags for fruits and vegetables, for example, will need to be bio-based and compostable in home composting from January 2017 on. The minimum bio-based content and its progressive increase will be defined in a decree of the State Council, which will also define measures for consumer information about the material composition and utilisation of such bags. Furthermore, plastic packaging for commercial mailshots will have to be biodegradable/compostable in home composting from 2017 on.

“Unfortunately an important opportunity to promote single-use bags that are bio-based and biodegradable at the cashier’s desk was missed. They could have been a valuable tool to safely transport goods and later on to hygienically collect biowaste,” states Christophe Doukhi-de Boissoudy, president of French association Club Bio-plastiques.

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