Hạt màu bạc

Out of all the special effect masterbatches, Metallic Masterbatch is primarily used for a metallic or glittering finish on the end product. Composed with accurate amount of metallic flakes or pigments and a conventional solid coloring system, these masterbatches are suitable for injection molded items and cosmetic tubes. All these masterbatches are stringently inspected for their chemical properties before the final dispatch. 

Features :

  • Adds metallic effect
  • Composed of metallic flakes or pigments
  • Solid coloring system
  • Light fastness
  • Good dispersion
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Cùng danh mục Hạt Màu Bạc - Tất cả

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  • KD - VP (028-36208090)
  • Dịch vụ Khách Hàng (028-66895544)
  • KD - Ms Như (0908664880)
  • Hàng Xuất (0908664880)
  • Phòng Kỹ Thuật (0909363145)

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